What Is Love Addiction

Are you a serial dater?

For the love addict, romance, sexuality, and emotional closeness are often experienced with painful emotional ups and downs than with real intimacy or love. The Love addict lives in a world of chaos very fearful of being alone or rejected, they long for the relationship that will make them feel complete. Constantly living in fear of never finding "the one," or afraid that when they finally meet that special person they will not be worthy of love. No matter how physically attractive or successful, the love addict feels incomplete and burdened by a desire for a partnership that if fulfilled would somehow make their life complete. The Love addict is caught up in the constant search for a partner, their endless , sexual encounters and affairs often leave a path of destruction and negative consequences in their life. The Love Addict usually has many opportunities for a ‘good enough’ loving relationship, but all they know is the intensity of “falling in love” or the “dramatic relationship.” When the Love addict is dating someone who is safe and appropriate they usually become dissatisfied, bored and will start looking outside of their relationship for another new intense love experience.

signs of love or romantic addiction:

using sex to find love
falling in love with a person they haven't met
returning to an abusive relationship
unable to leave an abusive relationship
consistent unhapiness or anxiety when alone
when not in a relationship uses sex when lonely
uses sex, money or drama to keep a partner
gives financially to a partner who requires a great deal of care who cannot reciprocate
chooses partners who are unavailable emotionally

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