A Call to Me Time

On my recent travels abroad, I came across a culture that stops to pray at least five times a day. Even though I'm not a part of that culture that I encountered, I felt like giving myself some time for solitude, a time in which I could engage with just myself. Taking time to pause each day, I thought what could bring me peace. So every time this culture was called to prayer, I was called to me. 

That's why I call this exercise A Call to Me Time™ and I encourage you to adapt it as a daily routine. Stopping to take time for myself every day has brought me much more than peace; A Call to Me Time™ builds self esteem, clarity, empathy, creativity, positivity and courage.

Separating from the world around you means disconnecting too. In order for this exercise to work you must put away your phone and any other electronic devices you own. Learning to be alone and sit with yourself is both health-promoting and vital to your emotional well being. 

If you're not used to being alone without distractions, you can start small. Give yourself 3-5 five-minute breaks throughout the day.

 During these five-minute breaks, simply be with you and be present in the moment. Notice the sounds around you, the way your hands feel when you slowly rub them together; whatever makes you feel comfortable with you is what you should do. Once you have the hang of this, increase your breaks to five 10-minute breaks. Try this exercise anywhere -- at home, in the car, at lunch. If you feel motivated, jot down some notes describing how you feel after each break, and perhaps before each break as well.

If you struggle with this exercise, ask yourself: What am I avoiding by not spending time with myself? Why is it so difficult to be alone and undistracted? Notice what's going on inside of you when you don't have things or people to fill the space. 

If reflecting on you is challenging, I'm here to help. Needing distraction from self is much more common than you think. 

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