Emergency Response Intervention Critical Incidents

A critical incident plus all of the experiences relating to it is seen as a trauma continuum. I utilize EMDR therapy to help victims of traumatic critical incidents recover in full. 

Why try EMDR?

EMDR has benefits for everyone. Here are 10 reasons to try or recommend EMDR:

  • Improve overall health

EMDR alleviates PTSD related stress. Research shows a significant link between reducing stress and your physical health. 

  • Resolve issues at any age

EMDR is used effectively for children, teenagers and adults. 

  • Overcome persistant blocks

EMDR can relieve symptoms that talk and cognitive therapies cannot address efficiently.

  • Relieve chronic symptoms

EMDR therapy is cost effective as it addresses the root cause of chronic symptoms.

  • Think and feel better

EMDR effectively neutralizes negative thoughts and feelings while strengthening positive ones. 

  • Reduce physical symptoms

EMDR calms flashbacks and other disruptive physiological (body) reactivity. 

  • Increase achievement

EMDR is helpful in removing blocks to peak performance at work or at home. 

  • Break free from old patterns 

EMDR enhances your quality of life by unblocking negativity from the past distorting your present and future. 

  • Build resilience

EMDR can increase your ability to tolerate negative experiences and help you recover more quickly when they do occur. 

  • Reclaim personal power

EMDR is supported by your body's natural healing process and allows your mind to define the meaning of your experience.

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